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JavaScript from Beginner to Professional: Learn JavaScript quickly by building fun, interactive, and dynamic web apps, games, and pages

Published: 15 December 2021

This book helps students get to grips with JavaScript fundamentals and apply them in code. It covers the components needed to write scripts, shows you how to apply JavaScript to create interactive web pages, and contains many exercises to get hands-on experience.

Understanding the building blocks of JavaScript provides a foundation for your own applications, and the quick guides on HTML and JSON really make it the only book you'll need when learning JavaScript for web development.

  • Learn to write idiomatic JavaScript code, and create effective, customizable programs to complete tasks and solve problems

  • Add JavaScript to web pages using the latest HTML5 features, and add images, drawings, and animations using the Canvas API

  • Implement your knowledge in a variety of challenging exercises and exciting projects, which will consolidate your learning and push your abilities to the limit

Pages: 546
ISBN: 1800562527
ISBN-13: 978-1800562523
Language: English
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