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Writer: Christophe Wolfs
Published: 27 March 2008

This allows you to animate the entering and/or the exiting of your page.
The 2 lines can be used together or separated, like you wish.
page-enter is used when you enter the page.
page-exit is used when you exit the page.

duration is the time you want it to last.
transition is the type of transition you want.
There are many transitions. I recommend you try some out.

1 : is a square going to the outside.
2 : is a circle going to the center.
3 : is a circle going to the outside.
4 : Shows starting from the bottom to the top.
5 : Shows starting from the top to the bottom.
6 : Shows starting from right to left.
7 : Shows starting from left to right.
8 : Shows in bars vertically.
9 : Shows in bars horizontally.
10 : Shows on blocks vertically closing.
11 : Shows on blocks horizontally closing.
12 : shows dissolving.
13 : Shows in 2 halves going to the center, vertically.
14 : Shows in 2 halves going from the center, vertically.
15 : Shows in 2 halves going to the center, horizontally.
16 : Shows in 2 halves going from the center, horizontally.
17 : Shows starting from top right to bottom left.
18 : Shows starting from top left to bottom right.
19 : Shows starting from bottom right to top left.
20 : Shows starting from bottom left to top right.
21 : dissolving in horizontal lines.
22 : dissolving in vertical lines.
23 : random of the previous ones.

<META HTTP-EQUIV="page-enter" CONTENT="revealtrans (duration=4, transition=1)">
<META HTTP-EQUIV="page-exit" CONTENT="revealtrans (duration=4, transition=2)">