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The body-tag itself.

In this tag you can add the background color and/or the background image.
More you can also decide with color your text has, and links, visited or not.
If you don't put anything in the <BODY> it uses the standard values.



This gives color to the background. You need to replace the $$$$$$ with hexadecimal RGB-color code.
Or you can replace #$$$$$$ with the color name.
You can find a list with the names and color codes here.
White is the standard value.


With this tag you control the color of your text.
Also uses the same color codes and names as the bgcolor does.
Black is the standard value.


With this tag you control the color of the links who aren't visited yet.


Here you can change the color of the links who are visited.


This tag let you change the color of the active link (When you press on it).


Here you can add a background image to your page.
I you only put the URL, just the filename file.gif or file.jpg the image will be repeated until it fills the screen.
You can also let it repeat just once and you can "freeze" it. bgproperties=fixed
if you use CSS, you can use the property background-repeat.

leftMargin=? rightMargin=? topMargin=? bottomMargin=?

Here you can set the margins width.
I recommend to set it all to zero.



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