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RSS feeds - creating a web feed

RSS is short for Really Simple Syndication. Essentially, it's a way of publishing and viewing content through an XML feed which is then viewed by users using special software, or browser feature called an "aggregator".
Basicly get info to users fast and easy.

Create your own rss feed

We are going to explain the basics, so you can write it in a normal text editor, but ofcourse there is free software that does it all for you.
FeedEdit - freeware, easy-to-use application.

Bassicly a rss file looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<rss version="2.0">

	<description>Webmaster2020 web site</description>
	<copyright>Copyright 1995-2008 Webmaster2020.com. All rights reserved.</copyright>
	<pubDate>Mon, 01 Jan 2008 01:01:01 GMT<</pubDate>
	<lastBuildDate>Mon, 01 Jan 2008 01:01:01 GMT</lastBuildDate>


	<title>Programming code</title>
	<description>Programming code</description>
	<pubDate>Mon, 01 Jan 2008 01:01:01 GMT</pubDate>

	<description>The basics of web design</description>
	<pubDate>Mon, 01 Jan 2008 01:01:01 GMT</pubDate>

	<title>Webmaster Books</title>
	<description>Books for the webmaster</description>
	<pubDate>Mon, 01 Jan 2008 01:01:01 GMT</pubDate>


This is an example not all fields a requered (in fact it is not even all the fields).
What is important is that your respect the order of tags. XML is very strict on that.
A more complete guide can be find here.


Promoting your RSS web feed

Now you have your feed up and running, you'll need to let people know about it! The first step is to promote it from your site. People with RSS readers have been accustomed to seeing this button:

but increasingly, they'll start looking for this


so, I suggest you grab a copy of that image (right mouse button click and select "save picture as"), then link it to the XML file you created.

Submitting an RSS web feed to ...

The following codes makes it easy for user to add your rss-feed to the page of their favorit personal page.


Add to google

<a href='http://fusion.google.com/add?feedurl=http://www.webmaster2020.com/rss'><img src='/pics/google-reader.gif' width='104' height='14' border='0' alt='Add to google'></a>


Add to MyYahoo

<a href='http://add.my.yahoo.com/rss?url=http://www.webmaster2020.com/rss'><img src='/pics/addtomyyahoo.gif' width='91' height='17' border='0' alt='Add to MyYahoo'></a>


Add to MyMSN

<a href='http://my.msn.com/addtomymsn.armx?id=rss&ut=http://www.webmaster2020.com/rss'><img src='/pics/mymsn.gif' width='91' height='17' border='0' alt='Add to MyMSN'></a>

Last updated: 5/04/2008 16:32